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Bucket List

How My Bucket List Began

As most of my friends and followers know, I am an avid bucket lister. It’s not just thoughts or things I’d like to do or places I’d like to see, but literally a way of life. Every time I go somewhere new it’s heavily influenced by my list or chosen because of it. It wasn’t always this way, but rather it slowly grew into an obsession and I want to tell you all about the journey. 

When my husband and I were in the beginning of our relationship my taste for food and adventure began to grow in ways it hadn’t before. I’ve always loved travel and new experiences, but I’ll say Dave had more of a…refined palate. He’d traveled more than I had and was very open to new foods (I used to be a VERY picky eater, but I’m continually getting better) and thought on a larger scale than I did when it came to traveling the world.

Throughout the first year of dating things really changed for me in the food department. I remember the first time Dave took me to a properly fancy restaurant. Growing up a nice restaurant for me was Texas Roadhouse, which I am not knocking because I still dream about their bread rolls, but I hadn’t done much outside of my comfort zone. He took me to this restaurant where he loved the venison and something else that I can’t remember. I took a look at the menu and was instantly intimidated. I didn’t like these things or the one thing I did like was paired with things I didn’t. So, I ordered a steak well done and didn’t eat the pairings. The waiter asked me multiple times if I was sure and all I could do was feel embarrassed. For a while after that we went out to eat and I’d constantly scour menus for steaks and burgers and approximations of the things I knew. Finally, I said that’s enough! I can’t go to a nice restaurant and keep doing this and I certainly can’t experience dining the way Dave wanted to with this mentality. If he wanted to sit down for a tasting menu he’d have to leave me at home. So, I started forcing myself to try things again. Low and behold I liked all sorts of shit I didn’t think I liked. Salmon, asparagus, mushrooms, kiwi, hummus, etc. The list is inordinately long. The next thing you knew we were going to nice restaurants with experimental menus and I at least TRIED everything. I even discovered a few allergies along the way. Oysters, mussels, octopus, and squid all make me break out in rashes. I still like them though, and that’s a damn good win. 🙂

Things changed even more on our first anniversary when Dave wanted me to experience Japan. He had been multiple times and still to this day it’s his favorite country. Previously I had studied abroad in Australia, which included time in Fiji and New Zealand. I had also taken a road trip with a friend when I was younger to Lake Louise in Canada. However, it had been many years since I’d traveled outside the country. My passport had been gathering dust for sometime. So, I was beyond jazzed about the trip. I went crazy and made lists of all the things I wanted to see or do. I think we did maybe two or three of a list of about 20. However, it sort of awoke something in me. All I could think about was all the things I wanted to do and hadn’t. Why haven’t I traveled more? Why don’t I think of life in this way? What are more places to do and things to eat?

I started making notes of things or places I saw online or heard of from friends that I wanted to do. I’d use post-it notes, phone notes, word documents, and even the occasional pen-straight-to-the-skin method. Remember those days? After my desk and purse were overwhelmed it moved to a Word document and then a Google document so I could manage it easily at all times. I separated by country and the list grew and so did my obsession. I started researching countries to learn more and add to my list. I did 3 countries a day for months until I had researched every country in the world and ended up with a bucket list sitting at about 2500 items. That’s so many things! I still add all the time and it’s grown to over 3000. It’s sort of out of control, but I love that it pushed me to constantly think about new experiences. I have a zeal and appreciation for exploring that’s an insatiable thirst.

I know I will never complete this bucket list, especially as it grows every day, but I want to cross off 1000 things before I die. I’m almost at the 100 mark, too! I technically am, but I haven’t shared all of the new checks on social media yet, so I’ll announce when I get there. The point is I feel really accomplished! We’re a little over 3 years in and we’ve done so much.

The best part about this is your feedback. I hear from people all the time that I’ve inspired them to travel or they write down the things I do for themselves or choose a destination because of my posts about it. That means more to me than I can articulate. I knew that bucket listing would mean something to me, but I didn’t anticipate it rubbing off on others. I’m just very excited to start a platform to share these experiences more fully. God knows I’m wordy enough as is, so I guess you’re in for some long reads.

To kick off my new blog I wanted to reiterate the things I’ve already checked off my list in case you have missed some or are new to the blog. I’d like to do proper posts on these too, but the idea of playing catch up on this many previous checks feels a bit daunting. I’ll give it the old college try though. I also realize a lot of you have asked me to share my full bucket list, but that’s classified information. Besides, I guarantee the slow play is infinitely more exciting.

So, here are all the completed checks thus far! And if you’re wondering about the strange numbering; it’s numbered at random. Totally random!

Total = 95

14 Garden of the Gods (Colorado, USA)

24 Garden District, New Orleans (Louisiana, USA)

104 Robot Restaurant (Japan)

139 Museum of Broken Relationships (Croatia)

141 Karlštejn Castle (Czech Republic)

142 National Marionette Theater, Prague (Czech Republic)

148 Tartu (Estonia)

168 feed pigeons in Venice (Italy)

188 Eat @ Hisa Franko (Slovenia)

346 Stay the night at the Stanley Hotel (Colorado, USA)

410 Charlotte Amalie (St Thomas, Virgin Islands, USA)

416 Pikes Peak drive, (Colorado, USA)

419 Little Havana (Florida, USA)

452 have a drink at Bemelmans at the Carlyle, NYC (New York, USA)

459 Eat in the Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia, USA)

592 Vintgar Gorge (Slovenia)

616 Great Geyser (Iceland)

629 Beer bath, Prague (Czech Republic)

631 Upper Town Witches Tour, Zagreb (Croatia)

682 Novo Mesto (Slovenia)

683 Triglav National Park (Slovenia)

747 Kakerdaja bog walk (Estonia)

752 Lennon Wall, Prague (Czech Republic)

753 eat @ La Degustation (Czech Republic)

761 Vienna flea market (Austria)

932 Manitou Springs (Colorado, USA)

974 Amish country (Pennsylvania, USA)

995 Schonbrunn Palace (Austria)

1007 St. George’s Church aka Church of 9 Ghosts (Czech Republic)

1017 Palmse Manor (Estonia)

1018 Lahemaa National Park (Estonia)

1025 explore Monmarte (Paris, France)

1037 Gondola ride in Venice (Italy)

1125 St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Austria)

1126 eat chocolate at Xocolat, Vienna (Austria)

1132 Pula Arena (Croatia)

1134 Old Jewish Cemetery (Czech Republic)

1136 Petrin Hill, Prague (Czech Republic)

1161 Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

1200 Bled Castle (Slovenia)

1229 Coki Beach (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, USA)

1243 New Orleans, the French Quarter (Louisiana, USA)

1285 eat @ Gladys’ Cafe (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, USA)

1348 stay @ Garden Village (Slovenia)

1349 Soca fly fishing (Slovenia)

1393 Caramels @ Sébastian Guadard (France)

1397 Soomaa National Park (Estonia)

1402 Strahov Monastery, Prague (Czech Republic)

1404 Sedlec Ossuary and Kutna Hora (Czech Republic)

1570 Monkey Mountain, Kyoto (Japan)

1622 Bayou (Louisiana, USA)

1634 Very Large Array, New Mexico (New Mexico, USA)

1675 see the 5th avenue window displays at Christmas (New York, USA)

1705 Marionette Museum, Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)

1707 Tallinn (Estonia)

1709 Drink hot chocolate @ Angelina’s (Paris, France)

1729 Idrija (Slovenia)

1814 Vizkaya (Florida, USA)

1823 Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans (Louisiana, USA)

1829 eat at Rolf’s at Christmastime (New York, USA)

1836 Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico (New Mexico, USA)

1844 Eastern State Penitentiary (Pennsylvania, USA)

1954 Belvedere Palace (Austria)

1964 eat @ Field (Czech Republic)

1965 Lapidarium (Czech Republic)

1970 Dinner @ Tchaikovsky (Estonia)

1975 Eat eclairs @ l’eclair de genie (France)

2012 Predjama Castle (Slovenia)

2099 Škocjan Caves (Slovenia)

2121 Acqua Alta bookstore (Italy)

2125 Jokulsarlon (Iceland)

2127 Hallgrimskirkja (Iceland)

2139 Notre Dame (France)

2147 Black Light Theater (Czech Republic)

2148 eat @ Alcron (Czech Republic)

2194 Fushimi Inari Shrine (Japan)

2291 Great Jack-o-lantern Blaze (New York, USA)

2362 Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA)

2470 Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA)

2472 Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum (Rhode Island, USA)

2475 Drayton Hall (South Carolina, USA)

2494 high @ Brown Palace, Denver (Colorado, USA)

2672 Český Krumlov (Czech Republic)

2673 Prague Castle (Czech Republic)

2706 Iceland South Shore (Iceland)

2708 Seljalandsfoss (Iceland)

2710 Gullfoss (Iceland)

2711 Black Beaches (Iceland)

2756 visit the island on Lake Bled (Slovenia)

2757 Postojna caves (Slovenia)

2758 Skofja Loka (Slovenia)

2845 eat a romantic dinner on a canal, Venice (Italy)

2846 desert @ Cookie Do, NYC (New York, USA)

2862 Moulin Rouge (France)

2863 Kuks Complex (Czech Republic)

Phew! We’re doing alright!

Thanks for jumping on board with me, and please subscribe with your email if you’d like to continue following along. 🙂

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  • Anna walker

    I need to start a bucket list! Guess it’s time for me to also ditch the “pen-straight-to-the-skin method” and start something in a journal.
    Great start to your blog, Lynzi. Looking forward to reading more.

    • Lynzi Judish

      Ha ha ha! The trouble with pen-to-skin method is that it’s impermanent. I do think everyone should keep a bucket list though!

  • Kate An

    Love it! You and D are such a good match. Your wedding helped me check off one on my list. Love seeing things on your list I have done and some that are new to me. Not much on the list requires a visit to Minnesota, but come on up anytime. I love and share your appetite for everything the world has to offer. Love you.

    • Lynzi Judish

      You’re the sweetest! And believe me, I have plenty I want to see in Minnesota. We’ll get there eventually. 🙂

  • Star Esquivel

    I have secretly followed you and all your great travels.
    I befriended you on FB when you took my great nieces Zoriah’s beautiful 1year birthday pictures.
    I’m so excited for your blog and your bucket list.

    • Lynzi Judish

      Ha ha! Well, I’m always so glad to hear when people enjoy following my travels. I hope that means you’re planning some travel too!

  • Jennifer Parker

    I love it! I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts on Facebook. I remember you telling me about your bucket list in class.

    • Lynzi Judish

      Ha ha ha! Did I? Man, that was before I even had a proper list. Lol. I guess I’ve been on about it longer than I even remembered!

  • Lacey Rushing

    I love this!! I can’t wait to see and read more. I love the bucket list idea and try to do the same when I travel!! I might have to steal some for when I make it over the pond.

    • Lynzi Judish

      Yes! If you ever borrow one from the list please let me know what you think. Have you had any favorite bucket list checks so far?

      • BeccaCramer

        Some of mine a bit different…
        The two on your list, that I envy most? The Ossuary, and the Blue Lagoon. I don’t have a specific list. Maybe I should. <3
        Keep going girl.

        Garden of the Gods (Colorado, USA)
        Garden District, New Orleans (Louisiana, USA)
        Had cocktails and snuck upstairs at the Stanley Hotel (Colorado, USA)
        Little Havana (Ybor City Tampa,Florida, USA)
        Oak Alley Plantation (Louisiana, USA)
        Eat in the Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia, USA)
        Manitou Springs (Colorado, USA)
        Amish country (Pennsylvania, USA)
        Magnolia Plantation (In Louisiana)
        New Orleans, the French Quarter (Louisiana, USA)
        Bayou (Louisiana, USA)
        Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans (Louisiana, USA)
        Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA)
        Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA)
        Brown Palace, Denver (Colorado, USA)
        Moulin Rouge (I’ve seen the movie? 😉)

        • Lynzi Judish

          Ahhh we have a lot that we’ve both done! Is there also a Magnolia Plantation in Louisiana? Both the Ossuary and lagoon were really cool, but so busy. I wish I would have done them both in winter months.

  • Jennifer Parker

    You are a very talented writer and very inspiring. A few of your checked items are on my bucket list. Now that I live just a few hours away from New York I’m going to have to make some check marks myself.

    • Lynzi Judish

      That’s so nice of you to say! I have no idea you are so close. Message if you ever want to get together when you’re in town!

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