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The World’s Best Sticky Bun

A haiku on sticky buns:


Sticky Buns so sweet,

my fervor is undying

and will never fade.


Fucking sticky buns. I mean, there is nothing quite like a sticky bun: soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, covered in pecans and sticky brow sugar goodness. If they’re done well nothing can replace them. Nothing can challenge them. None other can sit on a pecan throne quite like a sticky bun. Pecan pie is merely a peon when compared to the almighty sticky bun.

Ok, in all actuality I feel this way about a lot of desserts, so I’ll get to the point.

There is a legend of the best sticky buns in the world, dating back to the year of the ox (2009), that there is a sticky bun like none other living deep in the heart of Charleston. Many had attempted the journey, but few prevailed. Legend has it that the sticky buns are available but one day a week for a small window of time. Attempts have been made to harness this delicious sweetness past 9am, but alas, these sly buggers will evade. Even if you reach the summit at dawn it may be all for naught. You require a guide (and preorder) to ensure victory.

So, here’s the low down. I read a bunch of shit about Charleston before we went for our anniversary. I read on a blog somewhere, can’t remember where, that there is the place called WildFlour Pastry that makes next level sticky buns. Dave and I are both big fans, so we fully planned to go. Every morning for the first few days in Charleston we kept saying we had to go, but we’d be tired from the day before and couldn’t bother walking or whatever. We kept making excuses for a few days until we were motived enough to go. It was about a 40-minute walk from our Airbnb. We get there and there’s a big chalkboard with all the pretty, fancy, handwritten pretties saying WE ONLY SERVE STICKY BUNS ON SUNDAY. WTF?? We walked all the way over here and I read that blog and they didn’t mention shit. GOD DAMNIT! I spoke to a super nice employee who understood the struggle and he let me in on a secret; you can preorder. And you really need to because they sell out early in the morning. I guess they’re a pain in the butt to make, so the owner does them once a week and stays up all night making these little bundles of joy. The problem was that Dave was leaving Charleston a day earlier than me and his flight left on Sunday. He had to be out the door no later than 9am. I said fuck it and preordered 4 sticky buns. I got up at the crack of dawn and high-tailed my ass to the pastry shop. Well, I couldn’t be bothered walking this time and took an uber. It was vacation, right? And I’d already walked once for sticky buns, so I figured it equaled out.

Guys, the sticky buns are huge. I did not need four. Although the two extra meant sticky bun lunch and sticky bun breakfast the next day. Not one of my proudest mornings. LAY OFF, OK?

So, what’s the verdict? Worth every bit of the struggle! These are the best sticky buns I’ve had, bar none. Cinnabon has nothing on this shit. They’re everything a sticky bun ought to be and I’m honestly surprised this place isn’t famous.

What I would like to know is where else the good sticky buns live. Drop a line in the comments and tell me where your favorite one resides and if you’ve been to WildFlour I want to know your thoughts! And if you’re into sweets as much as I am your might also like my blog about the top 10 places for dessert in Denver.

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