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Great Geysir

Bucket List Item #616 – Great Geysir


The Great Geysir, also known as Stori Geysir, is one of the amazing spectacles of the Golden Circle in Iceland. Did you know the word geyser is stemmed from the word geysa in Old Norse which means “to gush”? Thanks Wikipedia for always filling my head with useless knowledge. If someone ever puts me on Jeopardy though my opponents had better watch out!

Guys, this geyser has been active for over 10,000 years. I mean, holy shit! And if you want to see this bad boy it’s pretty darn easy. I mean, it erupts roughly every 5 minutes, which is just wild as far as I’m concerned. How many of nature’s shows is instant gratification? I once spent days trying to see a moose with my friend Lisa in the Moose Meadows in Canada and never saw one in the MOOSE MEADOWS. We went on a little tour one day and as we passed the meadows our guide was like, “wow, in all my years as a tour guide we’ve never driven past here without seeing a moose!” Then we went back the next day and tried again to no avail. It still makes me angry to think about. Then we got my car stuck in the snow. Lucky Canadians are super nice, so it was momentary. The point is that this shit is guaran-fucking-teed, so if you’re in Iceland do not skip it!

We actually went as a part of a Golden Circle Tour with, which I’ll do a separate blog about eventually. I highly recommend it though! There are so many of these types of things in the Golden Circle and the south shore of Iceland that it’s, honestly, overwhelming trying to hit them all. That’s another reason why jumping in a jeep with a tour guide is tops.

Have you been to Iceland or is Iceland on your bucket list? Tell me your favorite thing you did in Iceland or what you’d like to see most in the comments!


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