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Bucket List Item #2846 – eat @

New York, New York

Get out your favorite wine, beer, booze or whatever because there’s a drinking game afoot.

As you all well know I basically speak cookie. I love to eat cookies, bake them and discover new ones. Cookies are life. I probably mention cookies at least once a day and if you drink every time I say “cookie” you’ll definitely be lit by the time this blog concludes.

cookies Cookies COOKIES

You know, if you type the word “cookie” enough it starts to look like you’re spelling it wrong. Cookie is quite a strange word now that I think about it. This prompted some Googling. (OMG, Microsoft Word now recognizes “Googling” as a word. The world is quite changed.) Anyway, cookie come from work “koekjes”, which comes from the Dutch word for “koek”. Koek means cake, but we all well know that a cookie is not a cake. However, this explains a wave of things for me. Evidently the British categorize cookies as small cakes. I think British Jaffa Cakes are more like cookies than cakes, but now I realize they’re all related. Is a cookie a cake? Jesus. My life is a farce. My life has been a series of deceptions by the English language. I’m not sure how I’ll cope with this knowledge.

I digress because cookies aren’t exactly the point of this blog post. Cookie DOUGH is what we’re chatting about today. More specifically, it’s all about DŌ. I bet you’ve seen a story about this on Business Insider, the Food Network, Buzzfeed, or a number of other media outlets that pop up in your Facebook feed whether you like it or not. Advertising has really fed, pun intended, my unhealthy lifestyle.

I love cookie dough. I mean, when I make cookies the process goes something like this: start mixing ingredients, taste test, add more things, taste test, scoop out cookie-sized bits of dough to a well-greased pan, set aside a ball for while we wait for said cookies, put cookies in oven, lick bowl, eat cookie dough set aside, eat fresh baked cookies with milk, eat more cookies later that day, eat cookies for breakfast the next day, and so on. Cookie dough is a very important part of the process, so when I found out there was a place on earth dedicated to cookie dough I jumped on that shit like a sultan in a harem. (I’ve been playing that stupid Sultan game that you keep seeing in Facebook ads and I’m a little ashamed at how obsessed I am with expanding my harem. Shameful.)

Through DŌ’s process they have created a cookie dough that’s totally safe to eat raw. They use a pasteurized egg product and heat-treated flour, so everything is on the up and up. The magical thing about their dough is the versatility. You can eat it on the spot and if you have left overs or really just love it you can also take it home and bake it. There are also a ton of flavors! There are the classics like chocolate chip, sugar and oatmeal. However, their signature combos are amazing, too! You have flavors like peanut butter snickerdoodle and fluffernutter. I recommend going for a colorful cone with two scoops: one classic and one signature or seasonal! You probably won’t be able to eat it all in one go because it’s just way too much dessert, if that’s such a thing, and then you can bring the rest home and bake it later! I would preemptively ask for a to-go box as I doubt you’ll be able to sit in the shop and eat and getting back in once you’ve checked out is unlikely. This cookie dough perfection comes with a price: the insane line. DŌ is known for its line around the block because it’s THAT GOOD! However, if you have the luxury of picking a time, I highly recommend going a week day after the lunch rush. Sara and I went at about 3pm on a Wednesday and there was no line. I’ve attempted to go back twice when I was in the neighborhood and was unsuccessful as the line was just too much of a commitment for me. (Special thanks for Sara and her pretty hands used to capture this wrinkle in time.)

What if you’re not in NYC? Well, you get to skip the cookie dough line and skip straight to Netflix and cookie. They do nationwide shipping! And for my Denver dessert loving friends: you can find more delicious dessert options in my blog post about my 10 favorite places for dessert in Denver.

In case you’re wondering, I said “cookie” 34 times including the two cookie mentions in this sentence.


Make that 35. You’re welcome for that unexpected day drunk.

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