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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again, which happens to be a big favorite for me because I just LOVE shopping for people. I’m one of those year-round gift planners. I keep a note with ideas for family and friends and generally buy gifts for people months and months before they need them. I actually now have a stock for my best friend and am slowly gifting her from this designated section of my closet. It’s out of control.

So, I decided to share some of my favorite gift ideas with all of you, which has turned out to be quite soothing for me to do some imaginary shopping. It’s been a great twofer!

Also, the men’s gifts are totally Dave approved as I’ve given him everything on this list, whether it’s the exact item or something very similar.

For Him

  1. Engraved Wooden Watch

Anything you can get engraved is always a plus as far as gifts go, and these watches are just mega cool. I love the minimalist look of these, and they easily fit into just about anyone’s wardrobe with the color palette. Not only is the watch eco-friendly, but so is the packaging, so it’s a gift you can feel good about all around!

  1. Lingerie

I might get some flack from this and this may be a matter of opinion, but lingerie is a gift for him. Every time I guy has given me lingerie, I can’t help but call him out. So, let’s take control of the situation and just give it as a gift already. Let’s call a spade a spade. This way you can be mindful about what you’re actually comfortable wearing and hopefully avoid that awkward gift of crotchless, edible panties that will gather dust in your closet until you Marie Kondo the shit out of your house. So, if you’re going to be wearing lingerie this Vday, buy something that you love, put it in a box, top it with a bow and say “you’re welcome”!”

  1. Decanter

My husband has a bar cart, his friends have bar carts, his grandfather has a bar cart and so on. The most integral piece to bar cart styling is a statement decanter and glasses. This Bed Bath & Beyond set is brilliant and such a show stopper. Bonus if you get some great ice molds to go with. Also, no more whiskey rock things. They just don’t work. They’re cool in theory, but they just get thrown away in the end and they effect the last of the liquor. Besides, a lot of whiskey/bourbon drinkers like the cold water to mellow down the booze a bit, so you just can’t go wrong with the ice mold. I’ve thrown in a Darth Vader set just in case. 😊

  1. Comfy briefs

If you’re looking for a practical and affordable element, then this is it. Dave says that boxers are out and briefs are in and the comfiest ones are at Uniqlo. These are the only ones he’ll wear.

  1. Invest in their Favorite Sport

I am in no way saying that you have to be a man to be into sports, but I will say that most of my friends’ boyfriends’ have favorite sports teams and not every significant other shares in that passion. I think a great way to embrace that and a romantic gesture is something encouraging that love of sports and promising to participate, even if it’s only once. That’s why I love the ideas of a throw blanket for game day. I repeat, for game day! I in no way endorse this being a permanent part of your home décor. Ha ha!

  1. Sunglasses

Chic, simple and effective. Easy go to for literally everyone.

  1. Egg Rings/Waffle Molds

We’re not all made of money (I certainly am not) and I think breakfast in bed is the best Vday gift you can give. It’s from the heart, it starts their day with a smile and there are super cheap things you can do to take it from great to special. These molds are adorable little touches that make me puke in my mouth a little, but I will also buy them and pretend like I didn’t if you ask. Don’t actually gift these, though. That won’t be a show stopper. Breakfast in bed is the gift. Lol.

  1. Cutting Board

I bought this same gift for Dave for Christmas and he just loves it. I recommend something masculine, like this striped Be Home board from Saks. I also recommend a juice trap because every proper cutting board should have one. A nice knife set to go with is a bonus!

  1. Headphones

Dave seriously can’t live without these. They’re light, comfy and noise cancelling.

10. Sexy dopp kit

I say sexy because it needs to look sleek. Every man should have a great dopp kit for travel that’s also easy on the eyes. It’s also like a little promise to have an adventure this year!



For Her

  1. Movie night date – comfy blanket, slippers, popcorn, candy, etc

I find the prospect of a movie date just sooo romantic. Not to mention one that you planned just for me with all of my favorite things! So, I recommend a fluffy blanket, comfy and warm slippers, and a selection of treats paired with my favorite movie. This goes for anyone though, so I think this is a great gift across the board.

  1. Romantic date – candles, treats, etc.

This is another sort of bundle/promise of a date set. Here is my best practice here. Buy a large number of candles that are also scented as something relatively neutral. I love this set from Overstock because the color is really lovely and rose tends to be a candle safe place. They’re usable again in the future, unlike scents that smell like candy, cookies, etc. Stick with something that occurs naturally in the universe. Anyway, put together a gift box or basket that signifies a romantic date for the future. Candles, some treats or even a gift card for something deliverable (I would vote cookies) a playlist of sorts on an ipod mini (no one does playlists anymore and it’s such a shame), etc. The sky is the limit. The point is you’re saying that the gift is another romantic night IN ADDITION to Vday, so the romance will continue. You had better follow through on this shit though or there will be problems.

  1. Bath Bomb

Honestly, I don’t even take baths anymore without a bath bomb. What’s the point? So, give this gift and you might as well prepare the bath too while you’re at it and maybe use some of those rose scented Overstock candles to go with.

  1. Mugs

I have to admit that this one is a bit of a splurge, but it’s Valentine’s Day! I have been loving Oscar de la Renta’s designs for the home lately and these mugs are just to die for. They’re so beautiful and I truly want nothing more than to drink my coffee in the morning from these stunners.

  1. Prosecco Gummy Bears

Guys, these are legitimately DELICIOUS, and they are the best companion to any prosecco mixed drink. I suggest finding a great breakfast prosecco recipe and including these bad boys in the drink. BEST START TO THE DAY EVER!

  1. Flowers that will last

You might be looking at the price tag on this item and be thinking, “what the actual fuck?”, but these flowers last all year! What a time to be alive! All you have to do is keep these at room temperature and out of sunlight and your flower job is done until next year.

  1. Sexy Robe

When I say sexy robe, I mean something she FEELS sexy in, not something that barely covers a baby doll. This is not an invitation to buy her lingerie (you can see how I feel about this in the previous section). A little something you can run around the house looking extra in and chic.

  1. Personalized jewelry

Argento Vivo does some really beautiful  monogrammed jewelry and thanks to Carrie Bradshaw’s Carrie necklace, I guarantee this will never go out of style.

  1. Frame

A cherished memory is a guaranteed pleaser, so why not monetize that memory and frame it in something pretty? This Williams Sonoma rose quartz frame is guaranteed to steal hearts.

10. Matching book set – Jane Austen

I’m literally dying over this pink Jane Austen book set. It’s GORGEOUS and I love it and it will be sooo beautiful on a book shelf. What if your significant other doesn’t like classic literature? Then we can’t be friends. Just kidding! Book sets are a triple threat in the gift realm because 1. They last forever 2. They show you really know the person and 3. They double as décor. So, find a series they love and make sure it’s hard bound, for goodness sake!



For You or a Pal

  1. Caudalie

I don’t know how I managed before the Caudalie travel set because this has simplified my beauty routine tenfold. It has all the goodies and their products are so gentle. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love this.

  1. Pillows

Word on the street is that Pacific Coast has the best pillows, so take the time to improve your sleep. Look, you’re single now and you may not realize it, but it’s certainly a luxury getting a bed to yourself. Why not improve on that and rub it in next time your friend complains about their SO’s snoring keeping them up all night? Pffft. That’s terrible. Don’t listen to a word I say.

  1. Fluffy Robe

And it has ears OMG!

  1. Candy

It sucks being alone on Valentine’s Day, I know, but what doesn’t suck is being free from the judgmental eyes of others when you eat $150 worth of truffles by yourself because why the fuck not? That was a rhetorical question. Don’t be a Debbie Downer hater, please.

  1. Wine Decanter

So you can feel fancy when you down a bottle of wine.

  1. Hairbrush

So you can count your brushstrokes and feel fancy (see the trend here).

  1. Lip Balm

I’m truly losing my mind at how pretty these are, and I keep hearing they’re amazing, so I just need to get one too. Comment if you buy one so we can be flower balm besties!

  1. Masks

Uggghh these are so great, but they’re so expensive! It’s Vday though, so what better time to say yolo and buy a $20 one use face mask and feel like a Rockstar?

  1. Bralette

Bralettes have been such a hot topic for me lately because I just discovered how magically freeing they are. Now I can’t live without it and I just have to have all the pretty ones. Get comfy and buy something pretty!

10. Passport holder

Buy something pretty, but not too expensive. This passport holder is a promise to yourself to travel more this year, so save those bucks on your next vacation!


In reality, a lot of these gifts are great for all types, so I suggest considering them all for whomever you’re buying for. I like to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to indulge and appreciate. So, be thoughtful this year where buying something for your significant other, and if you don’t have a Valentine take this moment to appreciate what a Rockstar you are and reward yourself.

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