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Shein Haul – is it for real?

Guys, I have a YouTube channel! I’ve been pondering starting one for some time now, but I’m always so nervous to have my face on video. I finally said fuck it and just went for it. The first video is pretty rough around the edges and much longer than intended, but it does the trick. It will get better with time. I promise!

For my first video, I did a review of my entire Shein hall! This was my first time ordering from the brand. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while because, well, the clothes and accessories are just dirt cheap! I ended up really liking about half of what I ordered, much to my surprise, so I’m keeping a fair bit of it.

In the video, I try on every piece and give honest commentary for each item. There’s even a great cameo from Dave. He reluctantly tries on an outfit I got for him that was a total fail on my part. I usually do great shopping for him, but this time I bought something way out of left field. He’s definitely the funniest part of this video. Maybe he should be the one making a YouTube channel!

I hope you can stick with me through my first video. Let me know your Shein thoughts in the comments. Have you shopped from them before? If not, do you think you’ll be giving them a try?

I hope you have a lovely Friday!


Here are links to every item I purchased!


Leopard Print Top – $13

Skinny Belts – The specific ones I had are no longer available. These are the same, but different colors. – $4

Flower Mesh Socks – $3

Star Mesh Socks (Two Pack) – $5

Flower Hair Tie – $6

Leopard Sunglasses – $4

Leopard Socks – $4

Plaid Pants – $16

Skinny Jeans – $20

Abstract Print Blouse – $12

Snake Skin Bodysuit – $11

Plaid Top – $18

Color Block Leggings – The specific color is not longer available, but I actually think these are cuter. – $12

Polka Dot Dress – $16

Leopard Print Leggings – $11

White Sunglasses – $4

Men’s Face Shirt – $19

Men’s Insect Print Pants – $23

Green Flower Dress – $25

Tassel Shoes – These are sold out, but these bow mules are just as pretty! – $25

Suede Mules – $21

Satchel Bag – $8

Coin Purse – gift with purchase





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  • Joyce Goeppinger

    Just the time it took to attach all the links gives you credit in my book! As I mentioned on FB in a comment, I really like many many items you tired on. I hope you do more of these videos. Gives such a real look on how clothes fit.
    I liked the green flower dress too.

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