Shein Haul Update

It’s two weeks later, so I’m here for an update on my Shein haul! I’ve worn most of the pieces I purchased and want to give an update on my initial thoughts.

If you missed my YouTube video, watch below.


There are a few items I did not include due to fit or quality issues. For reference, I am a size 12/14 (I ordered size 14 everything) and size 9 wide feet.


Skinny Belts – The specific ones I had are no longer available. These are the same, but different colors. – $4

I chose not to wear these because they were just a bit too small and I didn’t want to fuss with putting a new hole in them.


Flower Mesh Socks – $3

These are too slim for my feet.


Color Block Leggings – The specific color is no longer available, but I actually think these are cuter. – $12 now $9

These were too big for me.


Leopard Print Leggings – $11

These were too big for me.


Men’s Insect Print Pants – $23 now $12

These were meant for Dave and were a wee bit too small. He is a men’s size 36. He could have probably worn them, but he thought they were a little tight in the waist.


Satchel Bag – $8 now $6

I just can’t endorse this bag due to the cheap quality of the straps.


Additionally, I learned through this process that Shein does not accept returns on accessories (not including bags and shoes), bodysuits and lingerie. Just keep that in mind if you choose to order anything.


That brings me to the good stuff. I ended up loving a lot of these things, so I wanted to update you.


Leopard Print Top – $13

This top looks more expensive than it actually is. I’m not saying it looks designer, but I would say Zara quality. I’ve worn this a bunch and am super happy with it.

Star Mesh Socks (Two Pack) – $5

Wow, these socks are just so cute! I’ve worn them multiple times and have somehow managed not to damage them in any way, so they’re either really well made or I’m damn lucky.

Flower Hair Tie – $6 now $4

I’m actually loving this scrunchie/scarf combo. I admit that it’s pretty unnecessary because you can easily tie a scarf around your hair tie, but it’s so cute!

Leopard Sunglasses – $4 now $3

These skinny sunnies are making me change my tune about slim sunglasses.

Leopard Socks – $4 now $3

Soooo soft! I seriously treasure these.

Plaid Pants – $16 now $36 (Whoa, not sure what happened there! I’ve never seen that happen before. I even double checked my receipt and I definitely paid $16.)

Comfy like pajama pants, but cool enough to run around in public looking dope. LOVE THEM!

Skinny Jeans – $20

I ended up returning these because they’re just too big. They have a lot of stretch as is, so I would recommend sizing down if you like these.

Abstract Print Blouse – $12

Although the fabric for this is super cheap, the blouse actually looks amazing as a layer. I’m still not wild about the placement of the white graphic element on this top, but I have changed my tune about the look of it.

Snake Skin Bodysuit – $11

This is super comfy and sexy and has a lot of stretch to it. If you wanted it a bit more snug, you could easily size down.

Plaid Top – $18

I’m still not terribly happy about the tightness around the hips, but I think this top looks really cute on. The sleeves and neckline are definitely nice and I think it works as an oversized blouse.

Polka Dot Dress – $16

This dress is great. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Dave thinks it’s so cute on me and I have to agree. The material is really comfy, the cut is flattering, and it has a really nice zipper on it. It’s perfect!

White Sunglasses – $4 now $3

I LOVE these. I can’t stop wearing them. They seriously look great with everything.

Men’s Face Shirt – $19 now $14

It’s so funny to say this, but after everything was said and done, this ended up being my favorite item. The design is just so unique. It’s a great statement piece and it fit me really great. I’m shocked since I meant this for Dave. Fuck it though because it’s a welcome addition to my closet!

Green Flower Dress – $25 now $20

This dress is fabulous! It’s basically a muumuu with a belt, so it’s super comfy! The design is really chic and it looks much more expensive than it actually is. It washed great as well. Zero problems! The quality of the fabric is the nicest out of everything I bought. I’ve had designer things that didn’t feel as nice as this, easily.

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Tassel Shoes – These are sold out, but these bow mules are just as pretty! – $25 now $21

I’m so sad these are already sold out because I love them and I wish for you to have them. They’re just so cute! That being said, they have a ton of cute mules on their site and both of the pairs I tried I ended up keeping, so it’s probably safe to say these are a go in general.

Suede Mules – $21 now $18

CUTE CUTE CUTE! Love them. These actually look designer to me. I love them so much that the first thing I did was put protectant on them so I can (hopefully) keep them nice.

And there you have it! Every item reviewed and laid out for you. I am so intrigued by Shein right now, that I asked my mom for some Shein stuff for my birthday so I can try them out again. We’ll see how it goes! So, who here has actually tried out the brand? Thoughts? Any other pleasant surprises? Tell me in the comments!





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  • Joyce Goeppinger

    That Polka Dot dress is just YOU! I’m a polka dot groupie for sure! Even have a Pinterest Board on Polka Dots. Although, I have not added to the board lately so there is no problem with obsession yet.
    Green Flower Dress I might look into for me. I’m wondering if, I might pull it off. Your making me re-think myself on items. At least be more open.
    Abstract Blouse is a keeper! Plaid pants look great the way you paired up that outfit! Gosh I love how you push fashion! Your head wear on this outfit is working it along with the Leopard Sunglasses! Dope indeed!
    Flower Hair Tie I think I’m getting also. You know when, I was younger I loved wearing something really different. That’s how I feel about the Star Mesh Socks! I absolutely love how you wore these cute socks with the Polka Dot Dress. I would still say the shirt meant for Dave is just my FUN element must have and you look great with the pants also. Guess now you know I love fashion and what you can do with it. Looking forward to the next batch after your birthday!

    • Lynzi Judish

      Thank you so much for all of that! That green dress is definitely a great go to. It’s a twofer because it’s both beautiful AND comfy. The only bad thing about it was that it was full of static when I first got it and stuck to me like crazy. However, I washed it once and it was great. It’s even machine washable, which is rare for such cheap stuff. I was afraid to wash it, but it was perfectly fine and static free. Lol.

      I’m thinking I might not do a second Shein haul and will just integrate much new stuff into photos/looks. That menswear shirt really has me going and I think I want to do an order from somewhere of nothing but menswear and really test it out.

  • Joyce Goeppinger

    I second the meswear direction for blog post. You have many looks that are particularly great on you! I really mean that. Blessing for sure! Your post on Suits show that well.
    I’m still contemplating a shoot on different looks for grooms. Going out of the norm or getting close to borders. Seems like blogs still want to focus just on the bride, but I think grooms need their time also.
    Will be watching for what you choose! I’m a sucker for pinstripe! ;D

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