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7/14/19 OOTD

Welcome to my first day of OOTD! After posting about this on Instagram, the vote was unanimous that I should add this to my website. I’m going to try my best to keep up and get all my outfits up on the site each week!

A lot of this will be replacement items if what I’m wearing is no longer shoppable, so I’ll do the work and find similar pieces. Of course, if an item is still available I’ll provide a direct link.

My polka dot dress is super cheap ($17) and available in black, yellow, pink and green in sizes roughly 12-22 (check your measurements on the size chart as they run from 1XL-4XL.) This dress is also available for size 2-10, but only in the green, which isn’t really a sacrifice because it’s just as cute!

My shoes are from Zara and are super old, but I found some very similar loafers at Shein that I think are even cuter. Plus, a bunch of other black loafers (some with pearls) that are equally fabulous.

My sunnies are still available via Amazon. Speaking of which, happy Prime Day! I did a whole other blog today about my favorite things on Amazon that you can read here. Anyway, check out some other styles from Livho as well because they’re cheap and so chic!

My purse is a vintage clutch from my grandmother, so no chance of finding that one. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find something modern that’s similar unless you really want to spend some money. The Mansur Gavriel clutch I linked has a similar vibe, but it’s a whopping $595. Phew! Definitely can’t afford that. However, there are a few baby blue clutches in there that are a bit more affordable.

I went with aquamarine jewelry to match my bag. All the pieces are old gifts from my mom, but I found lots of similar pieces that are just as lovely. In fact, I found a pair of earrings so similar to mine at JC Penny that you can barely tell the difference.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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