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Amazon Prime Day

Brushes that massage your head so beautifully,

Earrings that appear designer, wonderfully.

Spritzes that smell like angelic wings,

These are a few of my favorite things.


Happy Amazon Prime day!

In honor of this joyous occasion, I’ve rounded up 25 my favorite steals on the Amazon website, some of which are even more affordable than usual.



  1. You Are a Bad Ass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

This book seriously changed my life. It’s cheeky and fun to read and I honestly walked away with a more positive outlook. I’m planning on re-reading this soon so I can really start implementing some change in my life.

  1. Totes Women’s Clear Bubble Umbrella

Finally, an umbrella that goes with everything! And it’s a big girl umbrella, meaning it’s legit sturdy. I’ve been through some stiff winds with this bad boy and he’s still kicking.

  1. Livhò Retro Vintage Narrow Cat Eye Sunglasses

These are just so chic. They look designer and they’re so far from it. I have to admit that they don’t really block out the sun, so these are for aesthetic. I love them, nonetheless.

  1. 12 Pairs Acrylic Hoop Earrings

If you haven’t already noticed, I wear these all the time. The pack comes in a ton of amazing patterns and colors of tortoiseshell and there’s a pair of earrings that goes with every outfit, guaranteed.

  1. Neleus Women’s Tummy Control High Waist Leggings

These are my go-to workout leggings AND they have pockets. Comfy and functional!

  1. LILIE&WHITE Round Curved Dangle Earrings

I actually love anything from Lilie&White. Their pieces all look way more expensive than they are. I honestly don’t understand it. This particular pair is my favorite and they come in so many great color options. I have red, but I plan to buy them in at least one more color.

  1. Hoxis Retro Straw Satchel

This bag is compliment city! Every time I’ve carried it everyone compliments and asks where I got it, and as if it’s not cute enough in the first place, the pattern on the inside is adorable. This is another find that looks far more expensive than it is.

  1. Mario Badescu Spritz Mist

This spritz is my go to for everything. I use it as a toner, setting spray and sometimes primer. I also like to carry a bottle when traveling as a refresher when my skin gets dry on a flight. It’s like magic spray.

  1. COCOSHIP 50s Vintage One Piece

This 50s inspired swimsuit is just the tits and it looks as cute in person as the picture. I love this as a go to swimsuit, especially if you’re feeling shy. On days when I’m not feeling myself, this is the perfect amount of coverage to boost my confidence.

  1. Freshmint Chenille Bath Rugs

Soooo soft and my rug seems to last forever without looking like it needs a wash. I’ve never had a bathmat that looked so nice for so long.

  1. The Price of Illusion: A Memoir by Joan Juliet Buck

Easily the most entertaining book I’ve read this year, and that’s saying a lot because I’m currently working on the Harry Potter series. Joan dives into her life in an illuminating way like I’ve never seen before with name drops of celebrity socialites and insider secrets in the fashion industry. I couldn’t put it down.

  1. Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels

Oh lord, these things are so fucking delicious. AND vegan!

  1. Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

How did I live before this? This scalp massager is so comforting, not to mention it has really helped with my dandruff problem. I have such a dry scalp, and this has been great to really work my hair.

  1. eDiva Natural Jade Roller

Look, I don’t know if jade rollers really work, but even if they don’t, I love the feel of them in the morning. This one is super affordable, which is a requirement for something that questionably actually does something.

  1. Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil

I’ll never go back now that I’ve discovered Burt’s Bees. My combination skin just loves this stuff!

  1. Driftaway Coffee Coffee Sampler

Delicious! All of the Driftaway coffees are delicious, so if you like coffee beans, I highly recommend trying their sampler before getting a big bag so you can try their staples. Dave is the coffee snob in my house, and he loves them all.

  1. Monica Ann Dual-Action Face Primer

The best primer I’ve ever had and only available on Amazon. This is stay-all-day goodness and it feels like satin on your skin.

  1. Bath Bombs Gift Set for Women

These are some goodies! They smell yum.

  1. Wrapables Solid Color 100% Silk Long Scarf

I use this scarf for everything now: neck, hair, head, wrap, etc. It’s just a wonderful, basic staple.

  1. SockDock 2 Pack Sock Laundry Helper & Storage Hangers

I’m not sure how I was sane before the SockDock. I’ll tell you what though; I don’t lose socks anyone. Plus, I have three dogs in my house, which means lots of dog hair. Now the socks go on the SockDock and are washed separately, so all that hair doesn’t get on other stuff. Thank the lord!

  1. Topixdeals Vintage Camera Bag

I love the vintage look of this camera bag. I get lots of compliments! It’s very sturdy, too. I’ve had it for two years now and it still looks brand new.

  1. The White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Illustration – PopSockets Grip

Everyone needs a PopSocket to begin with, but an Alice In Wonderland one? Winning!

  1. Aensso Women’s Satin Robe Long Kimono Bathrobe

God, I feel so chic running around my apartment in this, like I don’t belong. Ha ha! It belongs in a chic upper east side apartment with a terrace overlooking central park.

  1. L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Precision Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner

Easily my favorite cheap eyeliner. It draws so easily and stays all day. What more could you ask for?

  1. Minimalmart Birthday Cards Box Set

As a part of adulting, I feel like you should keep a box of birthday cards around the house just in case. This set is so cute and all of my friends have loved receiving them. They make you look like you have your shit together.

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