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7/17/19 OOTD

Finally, in my life I’ve come to the point where I feel it’s ok to get ready for the day without doing your makeup. Not that this is a frequent occurrence for me, but it happens and it’s wonderful! I have to partially thank Accutane for slowly making my skin better, but I also have to thank myself for continually working on my self-confidence. A huge pat on the back for me!

Anyway, let’s get to this look of the day, starting with my favorite hat. This is really exciting! I’m sure you’ve seen me wear this hat multiple times, but I’ve never been able to link because it’s been out of stock since I bought it. Well, Asos FINALLY restocked, so for the first time in months you can actually purchase the world’s cutest summer hat. I know you can’t see it well in this photo, but there’s a black ribbon that ties at the chin. DEAD.

My black earring are super cheap costume jewelry I found in San Francisco, but I found a few pairs so similar you can barely tell the difference.

The ring isn’t worth mentioning. It’s crappy and turns my finger green, yet I still wear it because I’m a glutton for punishment or something.

How cute is this little kimono? It’s only $12 and I’ve been wearing it as lingerie as well.

My dress is from Forever 21 and old/soul out. However, they have some dresses with a super similar summer vibe.

Lastly, my H&M beauties. I’ve had these shoes for about 4 years and H&M still stocks these same shoes because they’re that darn good!

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