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Color Factory

Bucket list item #3007 – Color Factory

New York, USA

First and foremost, I have to thank my friend Jenna for telling me about this because it was fucking awesome!

I have to say that any interactive exhibit that also feeds you the entire time (and dessert nonetheless) is an automatic favorite. It’s like Willy Wonka for adults. And even though this is definitely kid friendly 100%, I really feel like the activities were made for adults. They teach you something about yourself while also giving you that “stop and smell the roses” vibe.

I’m going to warn you now that if you intend to go to this, you will now be experiencing some spoilers.

Major props to the creators of this event for welcoming you with mochi. Clutch. Then, the first room after a little “dos and don’ts” sesh is a conveyor belt of macarons. A FUCKING CONVEYOR BELT OF MACARONS! And there’s no one to tell you how many you can eat. Literally no one.

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I mean, ok, money well spent already. They kept feeding me sweets the entire time. I got mochi, macarons, candy, some fruity delicious drink, more candy and ice cream. Like, my friend Rachael and I went to get a healthy salad for lunch because we’re watching our girlish figures and then we get this. Not that I’m complaining. I won’t kick a gift horse in the mouth, but damn.

So, as the name of the place will lead you to believe, it is really banana-grams colorful. It’s like a Care Bear and a unicorn had a baby and that baby vomited a universe. It’s so visually stimulating, and it makes you want to touch everything.

I don’t want to tell you about all the rooms because that’s just super lame, so I’ll only share my favorite. One room was set up like prison phone rooms, but each bay was a different color, so the whole room looked like a rainbow, sort of like a My Little Pony prison. You’re given a bay across the room from a friend (god, this would have been so sad if you came alone). When you sit down, there are colored pencils, paper and some cards in front of you. You pick up the phone and a voice gives you a series of instructions that leads to drawing your friend across from you without breaking eye contact. It was a hilarious blast and evidently my drawing of Rachel looked like her dad, so sort of winning? They end this segment by taking you into a separate room where you’re given candy that’s the colors of your stations and meant to compliment each other. It was dope.

So, two enthusiastic thumbs up for this experience. Highly recommend. And if you’d like to see more, check out my Instagram highlights in album “New York 6”.

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    • Lynzi Judish

      OMG that mochi was so good. It was sundae flavored, so the outside was chocolate, the inside was vanilla and in the very middle there was a cherry. It was delicious!

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