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7/18/19 OOTD

Feeling inspired by an orange dreamsicle and also wondering why the ice cream trucks in NYC never have them.

Peeps, I’m starting with these hair barrettes that I use for everything. They were only $4 and they go with everything, whether as a statement piece or just sheer function. LOVE them!

These Banana Republic earrings are super adorable. I thought for sure they would be sold out because I bought them in April, but they must have restocked because they’re available!

This cute little necklace is hard to see in the photo, but it’s a half moon and is in both silver and gold, which is refreshing.

I lovingly refer to my dress as my prison jumpsuit because, well, it sort of looks like I should be doing some community service. I still absolutely love it. The orange is literally the color of a dreamsicle and the fun elements like the puffed bottom on the sleeves and the breast pocket really make this dress.

Sadly, I cannot find anything even close for this ring, which surprised me. It’s a jumbo faux pearl. That’s all. But nothing!

My little clutch is 80s vintage via my mom, but I found a bunch of similar designs.

Last but not least, my lovely shoes. These are so comfy, but they’re sold out in white. However, you can still get them in snake print! In case that doesn’t appeal to you, I found some alternate boots that are similar.

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