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Moving Outfit

This weekend Dave and I had to go back to Manhattan and deep clean our old apartment before turning over keys. So, I need a casual cleaning outfit that wasn’t a total mess just in case I ran into someone I know. 😊

My earrings are vintage, but here are multiple cheap options that basically look exactly the same as mine.

My coin necklaces are all sold out at this point, but I found 10 alternates at Asos that are each under $20, but most are under $10.

I love my Adidas Trefoil shirt! It’s my go to when I need to feel cooler than I am.

My backpack is suuuppper old. Like, maybe a decade at this point. However, it’s easy to find a similar vibe, and there’s even one at Forever 21 that’s super similar. Mine is a really old Forever 21 bag, so I think the one I found is like the upgrade on the original design.

The shorts are a fav of mine. They’re actually workout shorts, but who care! The biker shorts are in and I honestly can’t tell the difference between biker shorts and regular workout shorts. These are like an upgrade because they have the deep pocked to carry your shit and they come in a three pack for super cheap!

Lastly, my yellow Shein sneakers are the ultimate awesome! I was so worried I would find these to still be sold out, but it looks like they’ve been restocked, so hallelujah! They’re $26, which is a bit expensive for Shein, but so worth it. They’re really comfortable despite the high platform and totally compliment worthy. People always love them.

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