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The Comfortable Work Outfit

I like to think of this look as business meeting chic, but I have no business meetings to go to so…I wore it anyway! Just because I work from home doesn’t mean I don’t want to dress it up sometime. 😀

For real though, this look is perfect for work if you want to look fabulous, but also feel super comfortable.

My lyocell top is very cozy. The material is lightweight and the fit is a bit loose, so it’s wicked comfortable. I’m wearing a size 14.

The pants are such keepers! I already know I’ll be wearing these all the time this fall. They’re really enjoyable to wear. They’re another really comfortable piece and I love the way they move. The only thing to be wary of is they’re a bit long, so these might be harder if you’re shorter. I already have to wear heels with them and I’m 5’8”. That being said, you could always hem them. It would be worth it. I feel like this is a fast fashion find that looks designer.

My Michael Kors bag is an oldie, but MK is still making the voyager bag, just with some sleeker updates. The price point hasn’t changed either. This is just a solid bag. I’ve had it for years and years and it still looks brand new. It’s the perfect investment piece, especially in black. I also included a few other black totes from MK as they’re all so great!

Lastly, my new leopard print shoes! I recently donated a ton of my shoes, which was so sad. My feet grew. Can you believe it? Evidently, it’s perfectly normal to go up two size in your adult life! So, I couldn’t fit in most of my shoes anymore, especially my heels. I’m so picky about heels because they have to be really comfortable, and these certainly fit the bill. I’m excited to finally be adding some shoes to my wardrobe!

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