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Sister Wives Dress

I’m so ahead of the game right now that I can’t believe it. This is what I’m wearing right now as I’m typing. That’s never happened before. Boo yah!

I’ve worn these earrings before and talked about them being vintage, but Shein has a $3 pack of 6 earrings and one of them looks so similar that I can’t even tell the difference.

My necklace is also an old favorite and is just now sold out. So sad! However, it’s sister necklace is still available which is a half moon with rhinestones. They look very similar!

These sunglasses are a tried and true favorite of mine. I think they look so good on a round face, but I’m sure this style just looks good on anyone. They’re only $4!

Then we come to the sister wives dress, as Dave lovingly refers to it. I love this dress and if you like it but want it to look less marmy, just throw on a belt with it and voila! My personal favorite feature of this dress is the ultra-deep pockets!  It’s currently only left in sizes 12-16, so get in while the getting is good!

The purse is an old favorite of mine that keeps magically being restocked because it’s fucking dope. It can be worn with or without a strap and is a sturdy little bugger. I’ve dropped it an ass ton.

The belt is an oldie from H&M, but they’ve been making the same style for ages! I’ve had this for about five years and it’s still kicking.

Lastly, my favorite Shein sandals that are oh-so comfortable! They’re current only left in 7.5 and 11.

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