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13 Random Things About Me

It’s been a while since I reintroduced myself to all of you, so I figured let’s learn a little about me.


I always separate my skittles and I hate the yellow ones. Those are trash Skittles.


I love scary movies and books. I love a good campfire ghost story even more!


I’m a great bowler! Well, at least better than the general public. 😉 When I was in early high school, I thought I’d be a professional bowler, travel the US in a travel and date a guy with a Mohawk. Goals, I guess?


My favorite book series is His Dark Materials. I’m losing my mind with excitement about the new show!


I live for cookies. They’re my favorite food group.


If you’re new to the blog, you may not know that I’m bipolar and have PCOS and suffer from depression. I like to bring it up from time to time because I think it’s important that we talk about these things.


I listen to a lot of oldies! Lots of 40s-70s are on my playlist.


I’ve memorized a lot of old fairytales and nursery rhymes. My husband thinks it’s weird, like I grew up in a different century.


I used to run a fashion magazine and worked as a photographer before I became a blogger.


My favorite color is green!


I have three dogs named Milo, Princeton and Ribbon. Ribbon is blind and deaf and the cutest little button.


I once saved a girl from a knife fight in New Zealand. It’s probably the most bad ass thing I’ll ever do and also the most surprising moment for myself. I didn’t know I had it in me!


I love to travel and I’m bucket list obsessed. I researched every country in the world and wrote down everything I loved. My bucket list is over 3000 items long and I’ve only checked off 121 things so far. It’s still growing all the time. If I can check 1000 items off in a lifetime, I’ll call it mission accomplished!


Tell me something interesting about yourself in the comments! Let’s get to know each other.


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  • Steve Judish

    I remember it well. You jumped out of the car immediately when we came upon it and you fought with the two attackers while I couldn’t figure out how to unlock my door in our rented vehicle. I was so proud of you and amazed you did what you did. We took her to the hospital. One of the town’s (Dunedin NZ) prominent citizens was so thankful they opened a tavern (it was after hours) just for us and we stayed about 90 minutes talking and of course drinking. Yes you indeed could have been a professional bowler.

  • Joyce Goeppinger

    You are so different and unique; you pull people in! I am smitten with your candor. I too love green! My mother’s favorite color also. It used to be mine, but now I can’t decide; love so many colors!
    I can totally see you defending someone as you described. Your passion is powerful. I’m obsessed with music oldies! My mother having me at 42 introduced me to the golden oldies in music and films. I actually cry when, an older actor from the Golden Age of Film dies. They’re almost all gone. I love Mae West films. She was very independent for her time.
    Enjoyed as always your perspective on life so much!


    • Lynzi Judish

      Thank you so much for the kind words! As always, I think we have a lot in common! Personally, my favorite is everything with Lauren Bacall. She is everything!

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