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NYFW Outfit 3

Brace yourself because this look is chalk full of items I love. This look is super cute, but it wasn’t until I started breaking it apart that I realized how good these pieces are.

We start with these $2 earrings that seriously look like mini Monet painting. Every person who got close enough to notice these immediately wanted to know where I got them and when I said they were $2 they were gobsmacked because these look so expensive. I can’t get over them!


My necklace is a part of a coin necklace set from Aldo that is sadly sold out. However, I’m linking to a bunch of similar sets they have now because they’re really very similar.

Ok, this shirt was maybe my most complimented item during fashion week and it’s cheap Shein AND menswear. What? It’s long gone, but Shein has lots of other face pattern pieces, two of which are even using this same pattern. I linked all the ones with similar vibes I could find, including the menswear. Ladies, shopping men’s was such an important lesson for me this year. There is literally no reason why you can shop men’s just the same as women’s. It’s like I have been living my life only looking at half the menu. How silly!

This black belt is an oldie H&M, but they have a newer version out that looks soooo similar.

The pants are from my recent H&M haul and are a new favorite. They’re almost sold out though! They have three sizes left, including a 14, which is what I’m wearing here.

My clutch is, like, a decade old from Forever 21. I can’t believe it’s made it this long! I couldn’t find a replacement that’s super similar, bit I found some really cute faux snakeskin numbers that are adorable alternatives.

Lastly, these shoes though! These are new from H&M and so fucking comfy. I wore them on a day where I had back to back to back events in NYC and walked almost 4 hours in one day. It was my first time wearing them and not a hint of a blister. Damn good shoes for under $20 AND they are a wider fit. Fucking winning.

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