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NYFW Outfit 7

This was definitely my sassiest look of NYFW and a great way to end the season. Plus, everything I’m wearing aside from these sunnies is mega cheap. I had a lot of people ask me about what designer I was wearing and I couldn’t help but laugh because somehow I was making Shein look like the big bucks. Honestly, it was quite a proud moment for me. I’m going to do a price breakdown on this one because it will amaze.

Sunglasses: $350

Ok, these are the only expensive thing I’m wearing, so don’t get your panties in a twist. I don’t even own them, I rented them, so if you want a link to rent get at me. I don’t include the rental links often because no one seems to use them. Anyway, these glasses were fab, but a huge splurge!

Earrings: $3

Shit! Those are a hell of a statement for the money. Absolutely worth every little penny because these have a wow factor.

Suit: $25

So much fun, right? I love both of these pieces. They’re super lightweight and I like wearing them individually just as much as I like wearing them together. They need a little steaming to look perfect, but aside from that no complaints. The blazer even has some small shoulder pads to help with the shape.

Bodysuit: $11

Love this bodysuit and wear it all the time, but it’s sold out! I linked it in case of restock, but it’s really no matter because Shein has a bunch of other snakeskin bodysuits on their site. I’ve linked the original and a few favorite alternatives.

Belt: $7

Technically this belt was $2.33 as it comes in a three pack! Lol. These are super cute, but I will warn that these are not plus and as a size 14 I barely fit in them. They’re really made for size 12 or smaller.

Shoes: $25

These are some of my favs from H&M that I’ve talked about numerous times. I will remind you that they’re super comfortable and I did a ton of walking around Manhattan in these and didn’t die.

Purse: vintage

This is an oldie, but here are some great alternatives.


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