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A Comfy Day

The day after fashion week I was exhausted! I was meeting a friend in the city for lunch and doing a little exploring, but was struggling to even get out of bed. I knew that if I was going to muscle the courage to have a big day in NYC I needed to gear myself with the comfiest pieces. I hadn’t thought out the fact that I would need another outfit for my time in NYC during fashion week, so I pieced all the comfiest things I had together and they somehow magically worked. It was dumb luck.

I hadn’t had a chance to wear these earrings since I had cut their look for NYFW, so I was too happy to wear them before heading back home. To be honest, I plain don’t understand how Shein makes these $2 earrings and yet they’re sturdy and beautiful? I feel like I’m investing in something made of sheer magic. How do they even make these for $2? That’s a rea question. Someone please tell me.

If you haven’t already figured it out, this is my favorite t-shirt. It’s because a) it’s super comfy and b) I love wearing my feminist badge loud and proud. Megan Phillips Collection is just a brand I can proudly stand behind. Check out her t-shirts here!

Do you recognize these shorts? I snagged them from my matching set I wore at fashion week and I basically wear them around the house now when I’m lazy because they feel like pjs. The material is thin and breathable and the shape is so flattering. They’re a serious win and the cute blazer is like a bonus. They’re very versatile pieces.

The belt is an H&M oldie, but they have a newer version available that looks basically the same.

I really wanted to be comfortable, so I pulled out my new colorful snakeskin Shein flats for the occasion. I knew they didn’t match, but I said fuck it. Much to my surprise they actually worked with this outfit. I love mixing and matching patterns, but these two together actually threw me for a look. Anyway, I had yet another serious day of walking with these shoes and my feet were happy the entire time. These shoes are a God send.

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