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Casual Leopard Blazer

Do you recognize my blazer? Hell yes you do! It was my new favorite from fashion week! I’ve been loving how versatile this blazer and shorts set is from Shein. So good, right?

Ok, these earrings are mega vintage and I seriously can’t find anything even close. Sorry!

My fox necklace is also an oldie, and while I can’t find any necklaces that look exactly like this, I found some similar ones that are soooo cute!

My top is just a basic tank I found on Amazon. It comes in a 4-pack for $19.99 and I use them for everything from working out to basics.

The brown belt is old, but still kicking at H&M!

My jeans are some of my favorite I’ve ever owned! They’re Levis that I actually rented from RTR, but loved so much I decided to buy them. They’re just really comfy. I have two pairs of jeans I could truly do anything in and this is one of them.

I live in these black loafers in the fall. They’re super old from H&M, but they still have them with a minor redesign. Honestly, the newer ones look nicer than mine.

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