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Treat Yourself to a Bath

I’ve never honed the skill to just relax. I mean, I go on vacation or do things that technically count as relaxing, but my relationship with relaxation is…complicated. 

As of late, I’ve developed a new struggle with finding time for myself. I’ve been battling some mental health issues and as a result have been very tired and less productive. As a result, I feel even less inclined to take time for myself. I don’t feel accomplished enough to be deserving of “me time”. 

What I’m working on is remembering that we’re not 100% all the time and punishing ourselves for working through something is counterintuitive, as is neglecting self-love because we think we don’t deserve it. It’s kind of fucked up when you sit back and take a look at it, right? 

I’m talking about this just in case some of my friends out there have the same struggles as me. If I feel this way, surely I’m not the only one. I’m here to remind you to do something for yourself today regardless of how your day went. Don’t beat yourself up if you weren’t your best. Treating yourself with love will help you tomorrow much more than denying yourself.

For me, bath time is one of those self-love activities I really enjoy, but rarely do. I technically take baths every time I shave my legs, but it’s a quick turnaround. I mean a real bath. The one with music and bath bombs and wine and a good book! 

Here are some of my favorite bath time accessories and remember to love yourself today and do something just for you! 

Robe: $15.99

I’ve had this robe for over a year now and still love it. I think the design is so elegant and it’s the perfect length. It really puts me in the right mood for loving myself because I feel so lovely wearing it.

Headband: $5.99

I like to tie my hair up and put my hair back when I’m in the bath so I can easily access my face. This is my favorite because it’s just so darn cute. I always find myself taking selfies when I’m wearing this.

Bath Bombs: $27.99

There’s no doubt that there are a ton of amazing bath bombs on the market and Lush is probably all of our favorite. However, I can’t afford $10 every time I want to take a bath. I’ve found that set of 24 to be a great option when you’re on a budget. The scents are really nice and you will definitely feel soft when you’re done. This particular set is individually wrapped, which I don’t love because there’s so much waste. Why I do like these is I keep them out for guests and I want anyone in my home to feel comfortable bathing with these. I keep them out next to the bathtub. None of my friends have taken advantage yet though. Ha ha!

Bathtub Caddy: $29.99

This bathtub caddy has been a real game changer for me! It has so much space for all your goodies and even a little piece to keep your wine in place. It’s perfect!

Candles: $24.99

I don’t have an affiliate link for Bath & Body Works, so you’ll have to go rogue on this one. I need you to know that their candles are currently 50% off and I’m really mad because I bought some candle before the big sale. I smelled damn near everything in the store and while there are a ton of amazing candles, I personally think the “Apple Weather” scent is divine. It literally smells like a day of apple picking right after a rain and it’s perfection.

Book: $11.42

I know Harry Potter is pictured here, but I took these before Spooky Season and now it’s time for Shirley Jackson! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s time to get on board. She wrote the book that the Netflix show “The Haunting of Hill House” is based off of and has written a bunch of fabulous shit. My personal favorite is We Have Always Lived in the Castle, which is spooky, an easy read and great if you want a quick read and to feel accomplished because it’s hard not to devour this one. Trust me!

Wine Glass: $12.95 each

The wine glass in this photo has since broken because I bought some cheap ass set. Serves me right because the collection has continually broken in the dishwasher. I learned my lesson. I’m thinking of buying 4 of these cuties from CB2. The shape is so beautiful!

Spritz: $21 set of three

I’m straight up obsessed with these and I use them for damn near everything. I bring them on flights for a moisturizing mist, I use them as setting spray and I love them at bath time to occasionally spritz my face. They all smell beautiful, but I think the lavender is my favorite. This set is some money well spent.

Lotion: $44 or $7.78

You definitely need a quality lotion for when bath time is over! If you can afford it, I think Caudalie is the best of the best when it comes to a combo of hydrating and smell. However, if you’re on a budget, my affordable recommendation would be Meyer’s. You might also be able to find Meyer’s products at your local grocery store!

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