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10 Makeup Staples

Two weekends ago I got to spend a fabulous weekend with my girlfriends in Salem. (You can read about it here.) We had the absolute best time! It was really nice to be amongst my crew of supportive and confident boss ladies. It was also really nice to get words of encouragement from them. Good friends work as a great mirror because they always remind you of your good qualities, which I really needed. One of the things my friends mentioned multiple times was how “on point” my makeup has been lately. They gave me so much love in the makeup department, and I just laughed it off. Give it two weeks and a lot of thought and a light went on. I may not be a beauty blogger, but I know my way around a vanity. I’ve learned a lot in the past few years as I’ve been trying to step up my makeup game and I wanted to share some of my favorite items with you. These are products I use over and over again. The ones that get restocked the second they run out. It’s the good shit!

Monica Ann dual action primer – $34

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably recognize this little bottle because it’s probably my most mentioned product. I went through a lot of primers before landing on Monica Ann as my go to. There are two big reasons I love this. 1. It feels like satin when you put it on and is soooo hydrating. 2. I can legit sleep in my makeup and wakeup with a full face like nothing happened. Not that I do this often. Girl, wash your face at night! But on those occasional hammered nights where you’re too drunk to even take off your shoes, let alone your makeup, this primer will be here for you. When you roll over and come face to face with whatever strange you brought home, your face will still be intact.

MAC face and body foundation – $31

I yo-yo a lot with foundations because I haven’t found the perfect full coverage one (yet), but I’m solid as shit in the light coverage department. This MAC foundation is light coverage, honestly a bit more like a BB cream, and it’s perfect when you want a chill look. It’s enough coverage that it will even out your skin a bit, it’s thin enough to give a little sheen and it feels like nothing. It’s perfect for everyday use because I only like to truly beat my face for date night, when there will be heavy drinking and funerals.

UBUB eyeshadow palette – $5.59

Of all the products I’m chatting about, this is the newest. TBH, I got a wild hair and wanted some sparkly blue eyeshadows after watching Euphoria. Sorry not sorry. This didn’t quite give the look from the show, it just wasn’t the right product, but I did discover some beautiful eyeshadows. I felt like the colors were very pretty and pigmented considering how cheap this palette was. This is the bang for your buck purchase.

HUDA Beauty desert dusk palette – $65

Then, if you really want to invest in some dope eyeshadow, there’s the desert dusk palette. It has all the dreamy reds and oranges and even though this palette is a vibe, it somehow manages to be the right colors for all occasions. There’s enough diversity in color that I can make this work for everything. Plus, it’s super pigmented, layers well, blends well and is just really fucking pretty.

Too Faced sketch marker – $19.80

LOVE these eyeliners! I have them in a few colors and I swear by them. I am a hot mess when it comes to eyeliner. The struggle to get a nice cat eye is real. These draw so smoothly and they’re just very easy to use.

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz – $23

My brow game went up about 10 notches when I met brow wiz. Of all the brow pencils I’ve tried, this definitely makes for the easiest application and never looks too heavy. My brows went from lame to awesome about two years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

Dior diorshow mascara – $29.50

I have tried so many mascaras looking for the best one, and honestly am still trying new ones occasionally, and nothing ever lives up to Diorshow. This formula works the best for me as it lengthens and thickens without giving me spider lashes. I go through it too quick though and always fight buying it again because of the price, but every time I try something else, I come crawling back to Dior begging to be taken back. I don’t know why I bother at this point.

Stila shimmer & glow liquid eyeshadow – $24

I use this for everything, TBH. I definitely use it on my eyes both as just an eyeshadow and some highlight. I also like to use this as a highlighter or in the middle of my bottom lip to give me a little pout. It’s just a versatile product.

Jane Iredale lip and cheek stain – $28

I also get up in arms about pricing on lipsticks, but this one is actually worth it. The tube has lasted me a while, and this is the best everyday lip color I’ve ever had. It’s light, yet pigmented, and using it on your cheek gives for the loveliest monotone look. I tend to use this more in spring and summer, but I do take it out occasionally in the cold months when I want to look fresh or when I want a nice rosy cheek look.

Mario Badescu facial spray (set of 3) – $21

These bottles are my catch all. As far as makeup goes, I use this as a setting spray most days. I also love to use this throughout the day when my skin needs a pick me up or on a plane when my skin starts to feel dry. It’s also fab to use pre-moisturizer in your beauty routine. I like to keep one with my makeup, one with my skincare products and one for travel.

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    • Lynzi Judish

      Ha ha ha! Yes girl! I would start with the primer. It’s definitely one of my favorite products and it double as a skincare product because it’s so moisturizing!

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