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Lazy Staples

If this look isn’t the most telling of what my favorite things are, then I don’t know what is. It literally has four pieces and I can basically guarantee I’ve worn this outfit at least once a week this season when I’m feeling lazy.

Yes, ye olde white sweater. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the girl is comfy. That’s it, guys. It’s the coziest thing I own and I wouldn’t be mad if you bury me in it, just as long as you tuck it into my pants because it’s oversized and I want some shape in my afterlife.

On to my favorite jeans from American Eagle. They’re stretchy goodness and honestly feel more like leggings than jeans. 10/10 could sleep in this look.

My tote is faux leather, so no worries about harming all the cuties in the verse, and it’s an easy catch all. 

Lastly, my favorite walking shoes. I wear these any time I know I’ll be on my feet for long durations. And I mean long because I’ve walked many hours in a day in these shoes.

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