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The Staples Outfit

You know this is a part of my favorite headband set if you visit this blog often. I wear them weekly!

This grey coat is soooo old. Like, I’m honestly shocked it still fits me because I’m four sizes bigger than when I got it about 8 years ago. It must have been too big when I purchased it. Lol. Anyway, this is obviously a staple piece. I think every woman needs a nice black or grey winter coat, so here are some more current options I really love.

This sweater is also very old too. I tried to find a similar quilted one like this, but I could only find two that really resembled it, so I rounded up a bunch with a similar vibe. 

My H&M belt is also an oldie, and while they don’t have the same exact one anymore, they do have something very similar. 

These mom jeans are a favorite of mine, even though Dave says I look like a dork in them. Fuck that guy, right? Lolz. Anyway, they are by River Island and there are only a few sizes available, but they’ve been restocking these for ages, so bookmark the page if you like them. 

How adorable is my purse? I got it in my recent Shein haul and it’s seriously such a cutie AND it’s faux leather. Bam!

Last but definitely not least, the best part of my outfit is these CARIUMA sneakers. I received them as a gift recently and they became a fast favorite because they’re both comfy and ethical. Click on the link and check out their website for more information on their best practices. They also just launched their vegan shoe, which makes this brand an ace in my book!

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