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My Everyday Makeup Routine

God only knows why anyone asked for this (I am definitely no makeup pro), but I’ll share the shit I know and love anyway. I will say that I think I’m fairly good at my everyday makeup routine. I have it pretty down pat and I feel confident I can look fairly fly. 🙂

So, I’m going to go through every item I use for my daily makeup routine, which is the look pictured in the photo. I generally stick in the browns, pinks and oranges for my day to day look. I just feel like it goes with everything. No need to fret about it clashing with a look. Here we go.

Shintop Headband

I have two of these and I use them for doing my makeup, washing my face and my skincare routine. They’re the best!

First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream

It’s important to start with a moisturized base. You can use whatever is your go-to. For me, I love this repair cream because it’s so gentle. It was given the go ahead from my dermatologist years ago and I was able to use it through accutane and cystic acne and whatever came my way. It was also a lifesaver camping through the Australian outback coming off a day of intense winds and dryness. 

Missha aqua sun gel

You should never walk out the door without SPF and I love this Missha product for similar reasons to the First Aid Beauty product: it doesn’t aggravate my skin!

Monica Ann dual action primer

This has been my favorite primer for YEARS. I’ve tried many others and constantly do still when they come in my Birchbox, but nothing has ever beat this for me. This just really works for my skin and locks my makeup for the day. Plus, it feels like velvet!

Colourpop the full beat

This is a five piece kit of blending sponges that are basically great for a myriad of things. If you use sponges, you need these. I haven’t quite worked out my favorite brushes yet, but I know these sponges are dope. 

Marcelle BB cream

If I’m having a very chill day, perhaps just running errands or a day hike, I reach for my BB cream. I love this particular one because it blends very nicely and there’s enough tint to give a little coverage. It’s also another gentle product for my problem child skin.

Tarte amazonian clay foundation

If I want a full coverage look, I like Tarte. I’ve been using this longer than I can remember. The things I like about this product is that it lasts all day and has a matte finish, which was especially great pre-accutane because my skin was so oily! I can use a wider range of foundations now that my skin is less oily, but I think this is the perfect base for a foundation collection. This is the starting point.

Sephora bright future concealer

This is a very basic concealer and I wouldn’t call it extraordinary, but I’ve found my perfect color (I wear palmier), so I’ve stuck with it. 

Fenty Beauty match stix trio

This is a magnetic trio including conceal, contour and highlighter. I’m not big on fully contouring my face, which is why I like this. It’s nothing too intense and super blendable. The highlighter is a bit on the calm side for me, so I only use this on chill days. If I’m actually meeting people or going somewhere important, I prefer a heavier highlight. 

L’oreal true match powder

It’s a rarity that I find a drugstore item that I love, so this one is special! I generally use this for blotting any greasy spots or touch ups on a hot day, but I’ll also opt to use this as a buildable foundation on occasion.

Wander Beauty lip and cheek tint

This is my favorite blush right now. It blends to nicely and I love the color Rendezvous. What really makes this amazing is the versatility of this. When I’m in a super hurry to get out the door, I’ll use this on my eyes, cheeks and lips for a monochromatic look. Using it with the Marcelle BB cream gives this super rosy and dewy look. It’s an easy way to look effortless in a pinch. On those days I also throw on some mascara and use my brow pencil and done! 

Laura Geller illuminator

When I want a bright highlight, this is the best. This is a major glow and a little goes a long way, so this product seems to last forever. I use this multiple times a week and I’ve had the same one for over two years. My favorite color is Golden Honey because I just love that gold sheen. I feel like a goddess.

Colourpop It’s a Princess Thing shadow palette

This is the absolute best for everyday eyeshadow colors. It has everything I need for the daily with both perfect shades of pinks and browns. I also think Colourpop eyeshadows are just so easy to blend. Plus, Disney princesses!!! 

MS.Dear color removal sponge

This is just a quick tip, but this sponge is great for those times in between cleaning your brushes. Just wipe your brush on the sponge and it’s ready for a new color! When the sponge is fully dirty, just wash with your hands using soap and let dry. It’s the best makeup hack I’ve spent for under $10.

L’oreal liner noir

This is a new eyeliner favorite. It’s amazing considering how cheap it is. I love the fine tip. It makes creating a winged eyeliner look extremely easy. It’s also very comfortable to hold. 

Dior Diorshow mascara

It’s the Rolls-Royce of mascara. It’s buildable and extends lashes without clumping. It’s a dream. 

Covergirl lash blast volume 

I don’t like to use my fancy mascara for chill days, so I opt for this Covergirl option. It’s a great volume mascara for the price. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz

This is just the best, hands down. It has some major staying power and is great for filling in the gaps. I rarely opt for a bit more work on the brows than this. It’s just simple and always looks very believable, like you just naturally have perfect brows. 

Wet n Wild color icon lipliner

Considering this is under $2, it’s killer! I’ve found the chestnut and brandy wine colors to be the perfect matches for my favorite everyday lip colors. 

Bite Beauty creamy lipstick

So, you can technically buy these individually, but I originally bought this 4 piece mini set and it’s lasted me years and every color is gold. There are literally five left on Amazon, so go before they’re gone forever! My favorite color of the bunch is Good Jujube.

Stila shimmer & glow

I wasn’t sure where to list this because I use it both on my eyelids and the middle of my bottom lip for extra pout. Either way, it’s a beautiful shimmer and I’ve found the color Kitten really compliments both the Colourpop palette and the Laura Geller highlighter. 

Mario Badescu spritz mist and glow

I’m honestly just obsessed with these. There are three big bottles and I use them for so many purposes! They happen to make a great finishing spray and really lock my look, but they can be used for so much! I like to buy the trio and use one as a finishing spray, one as a morning mist before moisturizing and one for my night routine before moisturizing. I also buy the minis and always keep one in my travel bag when flying. I spritz as a moisturizing mist while in the air because your skin just gets so dry. It’s also nice to spray right before landing for a refreshing wake-me-up. I use the cucumber in the morning, rosewater for a setting spray and lavender for the evening. I prefer the rosewater for flights. I’m obviously very passionate about these. Ha ha!

And done! I know, I know, it’s a lot! I don’t always take all these steps though, like I said, but these are the products I always have with me. If I brought just these items on vacation I would be set!

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