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The Most Comfy Bedding: Brooklinen, Riley Home or The Company Store?

My bedroom got a serious upgrade this year, let me tell you what! Dave and I had a lot of conversations towards the end of last year about how tired we are of shitty bedding. We’re adults in our 30s and we still err to the budget options at Target. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We were just desperately seeking a better night’s rest, so we decided it was the time to upgrade. Like, a serious upgrade. We are leveling up! So, we did some research on the most loved brands for sheets, comforters and pillows. Then, we ordered from multiple companies and just returned what we didn’t like. I tell you what, when you’re spending this kind of money on bedding, the return policies are amazing. They’re basically like, “try it for 90 days and see!” 

We landed on three brands: Brooklinen, The Company Store and Riley Home. We basically ordered the entire suite from each place: linen sheets, comforter and hotel style pillows. You would think having three big options would make for a big blog with lots of discussion, right? I’m sorry to disappoint, but my findings are solid and simple. The Brooklinen sheets and comforter were by far the best. They are the softest and most breathable. We specifically went with linen because I am a hot sleeper and I needed something that could breathe. For pillows, it was easily The Company Store. Their hotel pillows fluff like a damn boss. It’s like sleeping on clouds. Hell, the whole bed feels that way.

Let me stop though and say that everything from each of these places is very solid. You wouldn’t be disappointed with any option, so if you find a good sale or bedding that aesthetically looks the way you like, just go for it. There were clear winners for me, but if I walked into a hotel with any of these sets I would be a happy camper and struggle to do anything but order room service. Thank god there’s not a TV in the bedroom. Dave and I would be in some serious trouble. I highly recommend trying them all for yourself, that is if you can afford them all at once. It was a lot at once and it made me nervous to see those numbers on my bank account, but it was really helpful to be able to do side by side comparisons like that. Plus, you might have different important qualities than me. For example, the Riley Home linen sheets felt thicker, which someone who tends to run cold might prefer.

So, the final answer is that this is life changing. I’ve never been more comfortable in bed and I get better quality sleep. After settling on everything, there was this whole situation where one of the dogs kept bleeding on the bed. We eventually figured out who and it wasn’t anything big, but after days of waking up every morning to drops of blood on my white sheets and having to continually wash them, I made the decision to switch to the old sheets until I figured out the problem. Ugh. Dave and I were both in shock with how much it sucked. We went from cozying and melting into bed to tossing and turning to get comfortable. Yeah, it was lame and sadly I don’t think there’s any turning back. I’m committed for life to bedding being a serious investment. It’s worth every penny though. As far as I’m concerned this is now a quality of life situation. It’s hard to put a price on quality sleep, but evidently it’s somewhere around a grand. Oooof. It hurts, but I can’t undo this knowledge.

I’m linking all the favorites I landed on.

Pillows (option of goose down or down alternative):

Comforter (option of goose down or down alternative):

Bedding (this pillow will take you to the bundles. I chose the linen hardcore sheet bundle.):

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